How to Connect MetaMask Wallet to OpenSea NFT Marketplace

Ian Fan
3 min readAug 15, 2022

In a previous story (or tutorial), I wrote about how to create your NFT on OpenSea with Coinbase wallet. I’ll leave the link below.

Instead of connecting the second popular crypto wallet on OpenSea, we’ll be connecting “the popular” wallet on OpenSea: MetaMask.

Unlike the Coinbase wallet, you do not need to download the MetaMask iOS or Android app to connect to OpenSea.

All the connection can be done in the browser.

First, click to open the Wallet Icon on the top right corner of the OpenSea home page in your browser. It is recommended to use the Chrome browser, which we’ll explain further later.

Sliding in, you’ll see a list of wallets to connect:

  • MetaMask (Popular),
  • Coinbase Wallet,
  • WalletConnect,
  • Phantom,
  • Glow,
  • Fortmatic,
  • Kaikas,
  • Bitski,
  • Solflare,
  • Venly,
  • Dapper,
  • Authereum,
  • Torus,
  • Portis,
  • OperaTouch,
  • Trust

Chrome Extension

After you’ve clicked “MetaMask”, you’ll be directed to the MetaMask page to “Install MetaMask for your browser”. Click the blue “Install MetaMask” button for Chrome.

Then you’ll be redirected to MetaMask on the Chrome extension page. Click the blue “Add to Chrome” button on the top right.

Then a pop-up will slide-in, of which you want to “Add extension”.

After MetaMask has been installed as a Chrome extension, you’ll be greeted by a “Welcome to MetaMask” page. Click the blue “Get Started” button in the middle.