How to Connect Coinbase Wallet to OpenSea

Ian Fan
2 min readAug 26, 2022
Photo by Mariia Shalabaieva on Unsplash

Before we can create and list our Non-Fungible Token, we’ve to connect our crypto wallet to the NFT marketplace.

Today we’ll be learning how to connect Coinbase Wallet to OpenSea.

How to connect Coinbase Wallet to OpenSea

First, open the Wallet Icon on the top right corner of the OpenSea home page.

You’ll see a list of wallets to connect. In today’s tutorial, we’ll be connecting with the second popular wallet on the list: Coinbase.

Instead, if you want to connect your MetaMask Wallet, I’ll leave a guide below.

You need to have the Coinbase Wallet app on your phone. Searching “coinbase” on the Apple App Store yields two types of Coinbase apps. This connection with OpenSea works with the Coinbase Wallet app.

Back to the OpenSea homepage:

click the Wallet icon (on the top right corner), which will slide out a list of crypto wallets

click “Coinbase Wallet”

— a window will pop-up. If you don’t have a wallet with Coinbase, you can create a new wallet. If you’ve a Coinbase Wallet, you can select “I already have a wallet”.

— If you already have a Coinbase wallet, you can connect with OpenSea by:

  • entering a recovery phrase,
  • connecting a hardware wallet, or
  • linking Coinbase Wallet app

— I went with the third and last option. I scanned the QR code from my Coinbase Wallet app to connect it with OpenSea.

— a new pop-up window will appear to connect to OpenSea

After you’ve been connected, you can see your Coinbase Wallet details in OpenSea.