How to Add your Website to Google News and Discover

Get approved on Google News and Discover

Ian Fan
4 min readMay 30, 2022


Photo by Nathana Rebouças on Unsplash

Scrolling through Google Chrome and Google News on your mobile, you’ll notice a list of news articles that are presented to you. Here’s a tutorial on how to add your website and get your website approved in Google News and Discover.

In Google, search for “Google Publisher Centre.”

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Google Publisher Centre

After signing-in with your Google account, click Add Publication at the left sidebar. Fill in your publication name, primary website property, and location.

  • The primary website property is the URL for the main website your publication is connected to.
  • The location is the location of your publication’s headquarters.

After adding your publication, it’ll appear in the Home page but we’re not finished yet. Under Google News, it says Not Started. Click the publication that you’ve just created.

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Publication settings

In your publication, you’ll see your publication settings, Google News, and more options. We’ll start with Publication settings.

Aside from editing your publication name, primary website, and location, you can also edit:

  • Primary language — the main language that the publication is written in
  • Additional website property URLs, and
  • Contacts — point of contacts for your publication

Importantly, in the Visual Styles tab on the top — you can change the logos and fonts. You can add a square and rectangle logos.

Google News goes a step further, creatively by allowing you to add and use your own fonts in your publication.

Once done, don’t forget to Save and go back to your publication’s home.