Earn Income on a Small Agriculture Land

What to plant on a plantation

Ian Fan
5 min readJun 25, 2020


Variety of crops to plant to yield returns. Photo courtesy of the author

A while back, I visited a five acres plantation land. Well, if you ask me, “How big is five acres?” It equates to about 3.79 or four football fields. Unlike a football field, the terrain was not flat. The plantation was hilly and undulating. It was hilly at an edge and undulating all around.

Why does one own a piece of land or five acres of plantation land for that matter? Normally corporations own 1,000 acres and more of land. Small holders and farmers own small plots of land. They either inherited it or bought it for retirement use.

As with any plantation, of priority is the water and electricity sources. Going back to the five acres plantation land, it had a small stream running along the border. The owner installed a few reservoir tanks which pumped the water from the stream. The water was pumped upwards by a gravity mechanics. The reservoir tanks draws 4000 liters of water per hour. A generator was placed to power the pumps and provide electricity.

Pipes pumping 4000 liters of water per hour to the reservoir. Photos courtesy of the author

Planting Durians

The land had a gradient of 10 to 18 degrees slope from the ground to the top. Where it was sloping, durian trees were planted because they generally grow well on undulating terrain. Durian is known as the king of fruits. It has a thorny exterior. Upon opening it, it releases a sweet smell or foul stench. It’s smell and taste is an acquired sense. It has a love-hate relationship with many people.

Nevertheless, a durian tree has an average lifespan of 60 to 100 years. For the first three years or so, it is the growth phase for a durian tree. From the fourth year onwards, a durian tree will bear fruits and drop. In some other places, instead of waiting for the durian tree to drop, the durians would be plucked from the tree itself.

Baby durian trees. Photos courtesy of the author